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Department of Art and Engineering

Interior Design and Decoration

Main Courses: This diploma course is an in-depth course that covers the fundamentals of interior design and decoration, preparing students for a career in the interior design industry. The course covers building structure, decoration materials science, decoration technology. Computer software: AutoCAD, 3 DMAX Lightscape, Photoshop, etc.

Training Objectives: On successful completion of this course students will be able to provide clients with design solutions that are as practical as they are visually pleasing, and they will have sufficient skills and knowledge to implement their creative work successfully.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Interior designer
  • Decorator
  • Real estate employee
  • Buyer for retail
  • Studio worker
  • Entrepreneur in own business

Vocational qualification certificate: (first, drafters: intermediate), decoration work (first, intermediate), interior decorator (first, intermediate), landscape architect (first, medium, advanced).

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