TICG Students Win National Honors in English Competitions 2007
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TICG Students Win National Honors in English Competitions 2007

 Talent International College Guangxi (TICG) Students are “Guangxi first place winners” of the “CCTV Cup” English Speaking Provincial Contest in Liuzhou, and the National English Contest for College Students (NECCS) in Nanning

     TICG continues to keep on winning top awards, this time by our student Miss JIANG Yunxia securing a fantastic first place in the “CCTV Cup” English Speaking Provincial Contest in Liuzhou, on 20th October 2007

     Jiang Yunxia whose English name is ‘Jeanne’ a native of Hunan province is surprisingly a Spanish major, but this was not a hindrance to her as she proved to the audience just how good her English speaking ability really was.

     Her dynamic performance bowled over the foreign judges who gave her the highest score of 96.46 this was an incredible result that meant she then became the number one college English Speaker in all of Guangxi province by beating 72 contestants from 36 colleges

     Jiang Yunxia with her charismatic smile, gave from the very beginning to the very end of the speech, a clear and informative performance concentrating on her pronunciation, intonation, and her body language which was magnificent. The ‘Question & Answer’ round was also a major area where Jeanne was strong. and was able to give the judges well constructed answers with total ease, coolness and professionalism.

     Her coaches Michael Brown and Zhong Min were awarded the ‘Certificate of Coaching Excellence for Top Winners’.

     “We’re absolutely over the moon” says Michael Brown “ I always believed Jeanne (Jiang Yunxia) could take first place, but I must admit that having to compete with 72 other contestants really was a daunting task. When she was given her score of 96.46 there was still 15 contestants to give their speeches, and I can tell you that the time I spent waiting to see if she could hang on to her top score was nerve racking to say the least”

      Zhong Min added, ‘this was the performance of her life. I am completely moved by the way Jiang Yunxia believed in herself and followed our advice. Her display and real effort in making a perfect speech was astonishing. I can’t describe how happy and emotional I feel to be her successful coach  

      Our other candidate from TICG, Wang Ju who’s English name is  Chrysanthemum also did a wonderful job by finishing in the top 15. Wang Ju gave a compelling performance and was especially fluent in the ‘Question & Answer’ round making no mistakes and giving the judges a reason for a good score.

      Earlier this year our excellent student Wan Li Lan (Jane) as an English Major freshman from Yulin, was awarded “The Special First Prize” in the National English Competition for College Students (NECCS) This is tough contest to win and it gave us all great pride at our college by her winning this prestegious award. Her coach was once again Michael Brown, who was awarded an Honory certificate for his training work. Michael quoted about the result by saying “Wang Li Lan is so dedicated to her English studies. She was determined to go to Nanning and take the top honors, and she didn’t let us down. Her grammar, listening and speaking skills are paramount to none, and she showed her flair for achievement by battling against freshman, sopohmores and seniors from all over the Guangxi Region. She really is an outstanding student”.

     Professor Cai Yifa, Principal of TICG said about this news “Yes, we are a new college, but the depth of our students English ability is simply amazing. I have always had the confidence in them in whatever competition they enter. This is the second time we have won First prize in a national English language contest. Our latest victory in the ‘CCTV CUP’ is all the more sweeter considering we have only been running for just over one year and have repeated our great success. We will continue to press ahead and gain more honors in the coming years. 

     I give my full praise to Jiang Yunxia and Wang Li Lan also our wonderful coaches Michael Brown and Zhong Min for their dedication and wholehearted effort in bringing honor and fame to TICG. I hope Yunxia’s and Wang’s next two years will be as amazing as their first one, and we all look forward to working with them on our future projects. Congratulations to them both! ”


Article written by Michael Brown (以上文章由外教迈克.布朗先生执笔)